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Working towards resilient & regenerative rural landscapes
Hungry for Åland to flourish
Creating a thriving bioeconomy-based future

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We are working towards rural landscapes that are fossil free

nutrient neutral

biodiversity enhancing

water smart


In our view, these are the key components to focus on within any landscape to increase its resilience and regeneration.


Being nutrient neutral means closing the loop on key nutrients in the rural landscape to reduce eutrophication and foster healthy soils.


Smarta vatten

Water-Smart Food Systems

Nästa generation naturbeten

Hungry for Saltvik

Så in i vassen

  • Promoting farming practices that improve soil microbiome and soil structure to make the soil more capable of retaining nutrients and water, for instance no tilling, winter cover crops, direct sowing and rotational grazing.

  • Promoting the use and production of recycled nutrients, such as biogas digestate and biochar.

  • Fostering increased connections between plant and animal farming to get more manure back to the fields and animals on grasslands directly benefitting soil health.

  • Promoting innovations to capture nutrients to be returned back to the soil, for instance biochar and biofiltering.

  • Promoting farming practices that prevent and reduce nutrient runoffs from agricultural land, for instance buffer zones, wetlands and smart ditches.


Åland leads the way


Åland is a small island society that holds huge potential in leading the way towards a more resilient and regenerative future. Åland is an autonomous region of Finland. Åland’s autonomy gives it the right to pass laws in areas relating to its internal affairs and to exercise its own budgetary power. While small in size – the population of Åland is currently just over 30.000 – Åland is a full society in and of itself. Self-government combined with the small size makes Åland agile, and ideal for piloting new ideas.

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We have chosen to focus much of our work on the Åland Islands for several years already. We think Åland is an exciting place to drive forward our passion for resilient and regenerative rural landscapes – the best kind of living lab.


Most of Åland is rural landscape. Åland consists of several thousands of islands, but only about 60 are inhabited. 70 % of Åland’s land area is forest, while 13 % is agricultural area. Most of Åland people live in the countryside. Åland is home to a diverse food sector, with a lot of fruit, vegetable, potato and grain production, as well as dairy, meat and fish. About half of all Åland businesses are agricultural enterprises. This all means that many Åland people have a personal connection to the rural landscape, and it’s also a key component in many Åland livelihoods.

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We at Invenire believe business has the potential to make a positive impact on the world and bring positive change. We help companies design and deliver resilient and regenerative systems, products and services. We work with farmers, land and forest owners, companies within food, energy and biomaterials, municipalities and other local authorities, as well as NGOs and research organisations.

Do you need help with refining your own business or your rural landscape to be more resilient and regenerative? Do you have a project idea you’d like to develop with us or are you looking for a project leader? Are you looking for a presentation for your event or are you interested in creating a whole workshop?

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